Please note that the original color tones of the wood/furniture may vary due to different lighting conditions
when photographing and due to different monitor settings!


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Lyra Secretaire Vienna 1810/15


Exceptionally beautiful and rare lyre Secretaire, Vienna around 1810/15, probably Danhauser

Hardwood and softwood body veneered throughout with ebonized pear veneer, the lyre-shaped design tapering downwards on a single-layered plinth with flat block feet. Hinged lower writing surface with a finely inlaid maple band in floral decoration in the lower section. Interior with three lower and two upper finely rootwood-veneered drawers. Open-worked galleries, with an ebonized top and a maple-inlaid figural depiction on the inside of the central inner surface of the pointed gable.

Sliding base plate in burlwood veneer at the bottom, the inner base plate is inlaid in ebonized wood with geometric patterns. The original writing tablet is fully ebonized and without a writing inlay.

The pointed gable of the interior, also ebonized, has figural maple inlays.

Instead of fittings, the key plates on the entire piece of furniture are decorated with filigree maple inlays, partly seated and partly as fighting human figures. The inner upper pediment thus depicts human beings as warriors or gladiators with short swords or daggers fighting a lion.

In the upper section of the writing desk there is a slide-out panel that allows the desk to be converted into a standing desk.


Height: 154 cm
Width: 84 cm
Depth: 45.5 cm
Item no.: 2438

About the inlaid key plates: This is probably a depiction of mythical content; lion hunters are depicted in the pediment of the interior as a metaphor for the greatest of all threats to life, death. This can be overcome through a virtuous life, just as a brave hunter conquers the lion. Lion conquerors are one of the oldest pictorial motifs of all, dating back in part to Homer. The lion also played an important role in early Christian times. In some contexts, the lion can also have negative connotations, as in the biblical statement that the devil "walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour". Here, the lion symbolizes danger, destruction and sin.
This could well be connected to the Napoleonic Wars in our furniture and serve as a symbol of Napoleon's superiority.
Standing desks were popular in the Goethe era and the early Biedermeier period for a combination of health, practical, ethical and symbolic reasons. They reflected the views of health, work and efficiency of the time. ...

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Baroque Tabernacle Secretaire around 1760


Mainz around 1760, Walnut veneered on a softwood body, inlaid plumwood band inlays. Three-tier chest of drawers, resting on four finely carved feet Writing compartment with hinged flap, flanked by two drawers, three drawers inside. Curved top with central door, framed by 8 drawers, one full-length drawer below the door. Original fittings, locks and keys.

The furniture is in a good, unrestored condition and is being restored in our workshop to preserve its patina!

Height: 220 cm
Width: 122 cm
Depth: 60 cm

Item no.: 1015


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Cylinder bureau Mainz 1820


Cylinder Bureau Mainz 1820

Very beautiful Cylinder Bureau, with very beautiful walnut burl wood, veneered in mirror image, two layered substructures on stud feet, pull-out writing top with cylinder lock, behind it a beautiful interior with several drawers and a central door,
above the cylinder 3 smaller drawers.

Mainz around 1820

Restored and hand-polished with shellac.

Height: 125 cm
Width: 120 cm
Depth: 62 cm (with writing tablet open 91 cm)
Item no.: 2441

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Louis Seize Cylinder Bureau around 1790

 Decorative cylinder bureau, walnut veneered, thread inlays, very fine quality!

Height: 105 cm
Width: 103 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Item no.: 2443


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Biedermeier Writing Cabinet around 1820/25


Walnut veneered, full columns, brass capitals and bases.
Restored and hand polished with shellac
Dimensions and price on request

Item no.: 1023


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Rococo Secretaire Louis XV


Very beautiful ornamental design, walnut veneered, inlaid with various precious woods, Southern Germany around 1730-40, original fire-gilt fittings, typical for this period with rocaille.
Restored and hand-polished with shellac

Height: 100 cm
Width: 97 cm
Depth: 57 cm, opened 103 cm

Item no.: 2440

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Very beautiful Louis Seize Secretaire


Very beautiful Louis Seize secretary desk, Southern Germany, around 1780, strikingly beautiful mirrored walnut veneer, three-tier chest of drawers with attached sloping flap secretary Rare interior with 12 small drawers
Restored and hand-polished with shellac.

Height: 113 cm
Width: 112 cm
Depth: 60 cm open 104 cm
Item no.: 1034

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Fine Louis XV Secretaire, Bureau de pente


Freely adjustable oak body, curved on all sides and veneered in exquisite rosewood. Over four s-shaped curved legs with sabots and brass decorative strips.

Hinged writing surface. Behind it a concealed base compartment and fitted with four drawers and further compartments. Fine fire-gilt decoration, partially chased. Old lock and key. From the estate of the Counts Attems.

France/ Paris, ca. 1740/ 1750.

Height: 108 cm
Width: 93 cm
Depth: 54 cm opened 89 cm

Item no.: 1033

Literature: Pierre Kjellberg, Le mobilier français du XVIII siecle, Paris 1989, p. 256ff. and p. 262. (1022236) (15)

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Courtly Brunswick Tabernacle Top Secretaire around 1730/40


Three-legged body resting on four pressed ball feet with hinged, angled writing surface. The interior is divided into a narrow paper drawer above a large open compartment - flanked by a total of 6 drawers. The tabernacle top with central door flanked by a total of 10 drawers with engraved figural ivory & engraved pewter inlay. Interior with a total of 5 shelves and a further narrow drawer veneered in the front. Softwood body veneered with walnut, walnut burl and ash. Rich banding.
Expertly restored.

Height approx. 198 cm,
Width approx. 119 cm,
depth approx. 57 cm.
Writing height approx. 78 cm

Item no.: 1032

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Writing Cabinet / Secretaire (around 1810/20, transition from Empire to Biedermeier)


Mahogany and other precious woods, veneered, front architecturally structured, original fittings,
behind the writing flap several shelves and small drawers, behind them secret drawers

Dimensions (approx.):
Height: 173 cm
Width: 106 cm
Depth: 54 cm
Item no.: 1031

Condition according to age, still unrestored!

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Very beautiful piece of writing furniture from a former castle estate


Writing desk from around 1820, softwood body, oak veneered with cherry wood and vein inlays;
the writing height can be adjusted with a crank! Roller shutter closure, the writing surface covered with blue leather; in the top there are 8 drawers, 4 inside, in the lower area a total of 3 drawers, left and right behind the doors 2 compartments with 2 drawers each Locks and fittings original!

Formerly owned by a locksmith!

Depth: 99 cm
Width: 131 cm
Height: 79 cm

Item no.: 1030

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Exceptionally beautiful museum-quality early Biedermeier secretaire ca. 1810


A particularly beautiful and rare early Biedermeier Secretaire, Munich, c. 181O,

Cherry veneered, watercolor outline etching, can be used sitting or standing, very fine and high quality workmanship
Original condition, fittings, locks and keys,

Will be restored and shellac polished by hand.

Probably from the Daniel court joinery, Munich

Height: 158 cm
Width: 102 cm
Depth: 53 cm opened 71 cm
item no.: 1028

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Very beautiful Secretary Desk around 1815


France, wild cherry veneered and solid, set full columns delimiting the body, brass capitals and bouts, very beautiful interior with full columns, mirroring and secret compartments,
Restored and hand-polished with shellac

Item no.: 1022

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Biedermeier Cabinet-Secretaire around 1820


Walnut veneered, Switzerland around 1820, very beautiful mirrored veneer pattern, high quality workmanship, austere design,

Restored and hand-polished with shellac.

From a museum collection, Lake Zurich.

Height: 160 cm
Width: 90 cm
Depth: 47 cm opened 97 cm

Item no.: 1029

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Zylinderbureau, Biedermeier Nußbaum


Cylinder bureau, Biedermeier, around 1820/25, walnut veneered, Southern Germany, interior with several drawers, cherry veneered
Restored and hand-polished with shellac
A very beautiful mirrored veneer picture throughout, flanked by two half-columns
Light walnut and balanced proportions.

Height: 135 cm
Width: 112 cm
Depth: 62 cm
Item no.: 1024



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Biedermeier Secretary Desk walnut


Walnut veneered, flanked with 2 full columns and brass appliqués, very beautiful interior with columns, marquetry, stepped central compartment, mirrored back panel and secret compartment Southern Germany around 1820/25

Height: 158 cm
Width: 99 cm
Depth: 48 cm
item no.: 1026

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Particularly beautiful and graceful Empire Secretaire

France around 1815, walnut veneered on oak, flanked by full columns, brass capitals and bases, very beautiful appliqués and fittings, secret compartments.

Height: 149 cm
Width: 97 cm
Depth: 47 cm

Item no.: 1021


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Beautiful simple Biedermeier Secretary/ Writing Desk


Beautiful continuous, mirrored cherry veneer picture, flanked by flat pilasters, interior veneered with Thuya burl. Southern Germany around 1820

Top restored and hand-polished with shellac

The austere design and simple form is characteristic of the early Biedermeier period.

Height: 165 cm
Width: 105 cm
Depth: 50 cm

Item no.: 1016

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Biedermeier writing cabinet around 1820/25


Biedermeier writing cabinet, circa 1820/25 Walnut veneered, full columns, brass capitals and bases.

Still unrestored!

Dimensions and price on request

Item no.: 1023

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Writing Cabinet/Secretary Desk, Southern Germany around 1820


Cherry veneered, two black polished solid columns with brass appliqués flanking the austere body.
Multi-layered secretaire in bird's-eye maple with architecturally designed, mirrored central compartment and secret compartments.
High quality finish.
A very beautiful eye-catcher!

H 161 cm x W 103 cm x D 54 cm, open 102 cm

(item no.: 1009)


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Beautiful Cylinder Bureau, walnut veneered


Süddeutschland um 1820

hochwertige Ausführung , besonders schönes Furnierbild allseitig

Innenleben in Kirschbaum furniert mit vielen Schubladen gestaltet:

3 kleinere Schubladen über dem Zylinder, 3 große Schubladen unter dem Zylinder,

idealer Stauraum mit viel Platz.

Restored and hand-polished with shellac

H 126 cm
W 120 cm
D 65 cm

(item no.: 1008)


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Charmingly beautiful small Stand Secretaire


Cherry veneered, with paper manufacturer's logo (attached to the inside)

and ink painting

restored and hand-polished with shellac

formerly owned by the nobility, Munich

Dimensions: H 145 cm W 100 cm. D 48 cm

(item no.: 1001)


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Small desk England around 1900 light mahogany


Small desk, light mahogany, embossed leather top, 2 drawers, on brass castors, manufacturer's logo in brass on the inside, England around 1900

Height: 77 cm
Width: 107 cm
Depth: 52 cm

Item no.: 1010