Tables / gaming tables

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Fine Console Table/ Game Table circa 1835


Hinged table top, Biedermeier around 1835, courtly quality, inside compartment with remnants of an inventory paper chain. Selected mahogany wood partly veneered on softwood, birch root wood frieze, maple string wood, top dated 1835 on the underside. Probably from the Neuwieder Kreis! Height: 77 cm Width: 88 cm Depth: 43 cm Top max. 88 x 86 cm Item no.: 5071

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Biedermeier Salon Table


Solid cherry wood and veneered, Saxony around 1835, top and volutes with thread inlays.
Very good condition and elegant!

Height: 75 cm
Diameter: 113 cm
Item no.: 5070

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Biedermeier Console Table/Game Table


Biedermeier Console Table/Game Table, walnut veneered,
Southern Germany, around 1825,
restored and hand polished with shellac.

Height: 74.5 cm
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Unfolded: 80 x 80 cm

Item no.: 5069

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An important Pair of Console Tables circa 1800 Jean Joseph Chapuis

Rare Pair of Console Tables, stamped Chapuis , (important ebenist Brussels, 1765 - 1764 )
Mahogany veneered on oak, fine brass inlays, table tops of fine Carrara marble.
Restored and hand-polished with shellac


Height: 74 cm
Width: 89 cm
Depth: 48.5 cm
Item no.: 5068

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Biedermeier Console Table around 1820


Small Biedermeier Console Table, Demilune, cherry veneered and solid, Southern Germany

Restored and hand polished with shellac.

Height: 65.5 cm
Width: 74 cm
Depth: 39 cm
Item no.: 5066

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Baroque Marble Table around 1830


Beautiful and rare Marble Table, vase-shaped base, pietra dura top, Italy/Rome, around 1830

Height: 74.5 cm
Diameter: 89 cm
Item no.: 5065

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Demi Lune Console Table 1820


Rare Demi Lune Table, walnut veneered, Southern Germany, around 1820, very beautiful mirrored veneer pattern, hinged table top.
Good condition with beautiful patina.

Height: 76 cm
Width: 84 cm
Depth: 52 cm

Item no.: 5064

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Baroque Table around 1770

Strikingly Beautiful and Graceful Baroque Table, Rhineland around 1770
Very finely inlaid with various fruitwoods and mother-of-pearl, strapwork,
Restored and hand-polished with shellac.

Height: 75 cm
Width: 91 cm
Depth: 67 cm

Item no.: 5063

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Biedermeier Table 1820

Small Biedermeier Table with one drawer, walnut veneered
Southern Germany, around 1820, restored and hand-polished with shellac.

Height: 75 cm
Width: 87.5 cm
Depth: 58.5 cm

Item no.: 5062

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Biedermeier Etagère Danhauser

Biedermeier Etagère Danhauser

Etagère, c. 1810, Vienna, ebonized pear, ink paintings, carved and gilded female heads, capitals and bases. Double curved struts in the upper section, four columns in the middle section, curved square legs, gilded lion's paw feet

Height: 137 cm
Width: 75 cm
Depth: 47 cm

(Literature from: "Furniture of Classicism, Louis XVI and Empire", antiques catalog, Wolfgang L. Eller, page 261 fig. 469)

Item no.: 5061

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Biedermeier Coffee Table / Pull-out Table


Biedermeier Coffee Table Pull-out Table
Cherry veneered and solid, Rhineland around 1820/30, table top treated to be waterproof, table legs and frame shellac polished by hand, original smooth-running pulls.

Diameter: 117 cm
Height: 76 cm (frame height 64 cm)
with 4 shelves 48.5 cm each
can be extended in stages to 312 cm.

Item no.: 5055

Biedermeier pull-out tables in this format are rare.

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Round Biedermeier Table


Round Biedermeier Table with very nice center foot, birdseye maple veneered, South Germany around 1820.
Still unrestored!

Height: 77 cm
Diameter: 120 cm

Item no.: 5059

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Half-Globed Table around 1830


Half-Globed Table with Tripod Base, probably France around 1830, mahogany veneered and solid, can be used both as a dressing table and as a craft table. A high quality and rare piece of furniture!

Item no.: 2454

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Sewing Table around 1800 - Cherry veneered


Sewing Table, cherry veneered, with very nice center foot, stepped base, interior worked with fine maple, the feather painting on the inside of the lid is protected by a glass pane ( especially beautiful )
restored and hand polished with shellac.
Particularly beautiful and rare!

Height: 78 cm
Width: 63 cm
Depth: 47 cm
Item no.: 2453

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Small Biedermeier Table


Small Biedermeier Table, walnut veneered and solid,

around 1830, still unrestored!

Item no.: 5021

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Biedermeier Bobbin Lace Table, walnut veneered


South German around 1825/30

restored and hand polished with shellac

(item no.: 5003)

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Salon Table, Italy around 1900


various precious woods

top worked with very beautiful marquetry

restored and hand-polished with shellac

Dimensions: H 72 cm, W 60 cm, D 60 cm

(item no.: 5004)

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Small Baroque Table


Solid oak

Palatinate around 1800

Dimensions (in cm): H 74, W 92,D 65

(item no.: 5007)

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Small Console Table

Small Console Table, Biedermeier around 1830

walnut veneered a. solid

restored and hand polished with shellac

Dimensions: H 72 cm W 60 cm D 35 cm

(item no.: 5009)

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Rare, small Baroque Console Table


Rare, small Baroque Console Table

solid walnut, South German 18th century

restored and hand polished with shellac

Dimensions: H 74 cm W 80 cm D 48 cm

(item no.: 5012)