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Biedermeier Bookcase

Bamberg c. 1825, walnut veneered and solid, fire-shaded maple inlays, birch masser fields, ebonized columns,
1 drawer incorporated into the base, pointed gable.
Very fine quality!

Height: 180 cm
Width: 116 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Item no.: 3061


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Bookcase/Showcase from around 1820/25

Bookcase/Showcase, cherry wood, Southern Germany around 1820/25, ebonized molding, very nice proportions and light cherry wood tone

Restored and shellac hand polished!

Height: 181 cm
Width: 129 cm
Depth: 53 cm
Item no.: 5018

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Rare Corner Cabinet from Laxenburg Palace around 1825/30


Biedermeier Corner Cabinet, solid cherry wood
Closed lower part, open upper part with mirrored back panel
Very beautiful, delicate design!

Restored and hand polished with shellac.

Originally from Laxenburg Castle in Lower Austria.

Height: 195 cm
Width: 82 cm
Leg dimension: 57 cm
Item no.: 5017


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Biedermeier Display Case


Biedermeier Display Cabinet around 1830, cherry veneered, two-door and two-tier body with two-door showcase top.

Height: 223 cm
Width: 166 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Item no.: 5019

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Biedermeier Walnut Bookcase


Walnut veneered, Southern Germany around 1825

Very beautiful mirrored veneer picture, original glass panes and glazing, very beautiful appearance and proportions.

Height: 179 cm
Width: 110 cm
Depth: 35 cm

Item no.: 4016


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Biedermeier Corner Cabinet/ Showcase Cabinet

Biedermeier Corner cabinet/ showcase Cabinet cherry veneered and solid, Southern Germany, around 1825, 2-piece, restored and hand-polished with shellac.

Height: 212 cm
Leg dimension: 65 cm
Item no.: 4013

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Biedermeier Walnut Display Cabinet


Biedermeier Display Cabinet, walnut veneer, maple interior, glazed on three sides, original glass panes, mirrored back panel, delicate design,
Southern Germany around 1830.

Still unrestored!

Height: 155 cm
Width: 100 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Item no.: 2464

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Solid Cherry Wood Bookcase

Solid Cherry Wood Bookcase, 3-door, France around 1830/40, still unrestored.

Height: 210 cm
Width: 160 cm
Depth: 40 cm

Item no.: 4008

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Biedermeier Mahogany Bookcase Cabinet


Bookcase cabinet, Biedermeier around 1830/40, mahogany veneered
Still unrestored !

Height: 212 cm
Width: 135 cm
Depth: 40 cm

item no.: 4010