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Set of 4 Biedermeier Chairs around 1820 - 25

Austria, walnut veneered, very beautiful choice of wood and stable.
Based on the famous Danhauser design.
Still unrestored!

Item no.: 8041

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Set of 6 Empire Chairs probably Danhauser


Set of 6 Empire Chairs probably Danhauser, around 1810 - 1815

from a famous castle ( Castle - Laudon , Vienna )

 Mahogany veneered, very fine quality ..!
Still unrestored!

item no.: 8040

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Set of 6 Cherry Chairs from around 1800

Very nice set of 6 Cherrywood Chairs,
Southern Germany around 1800, good seating comfort, fine brass ornamentation worked into the upper end of the backrest.

This set of Chairs was made in the style of Heinrich Gamb (1765/68? - 1831), a cabinetmaker from Durlach who was a pupil of Abraham Röntgen and a colleague of David Röntgen.
Restored, newly upholstered and hand-polished with shellac.

Item no.: 8039

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Bergeren Russia around 1815

Four Russian Bergeren, the original model going back to a design by Percier and Fontaine, which was executed by François-Honoré-Georges Jacob-Desmalter for the boudoir of Empress Josephine for the Palace of Saint-Cloud and is now in the Château de Malmaison (The design of the original armchair type is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York -see M. Deschamps, Empire, London, 1994, p. 78 and D. Ledoux-Lebard, Le mobilier français du XIX siècle: 1795-1889, Paris, 1984, p. 335).

Bergeren of a similar type were later commissioned by Caroline Murat for the Silver Salon in the Palais de l'Elysée. For Queen Hortense's bedroom in the Hôtel de Beauharnais, additional armchairs were made with a slightly later design, but with the same striking swans.

The very distinctive swan design was also imitated outside France, particularly in Russia, where the decorative arts of France were much admired by the Tsar's family and the aristocracy and were copied there in modified form by good ebenists.

Our bergeres show a similar design to the prototype in the Malmaison château, and are a less robust and playful interpretation of the original model by Percier and Fontaine, but look very similar to the original model.

The 4 mountain chairs date from the first quarter of the 19th century, around 1815, and have a straight, slightly rounded and upholstered seat back, flanked by downward curved sides in the shape of gilded swans.

The wooden frame is in its original ebonized state and is discreetly decorated with individual gilded brass stars on the inner backrest. The back legs are curved backwards like a saw and straight at the front. The mountains are covered with a yellow silk-colored fabric.

Provenance: From an old Milanese private collection

Item no.: 8038

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Pair of Biedermeier Chairs cherry wood

Beautiful pair in cherry wood with ebonized reed scrolls in the backrest, Southern Germany, around 1825
restored and newly upholstered!


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Biedermeier Shovel Chairs 1825

Six identical Biedermeier Shovel Chairs, cherry veneered and solid, ebonized reeded backrest, Southern Germany around 1825.
Very beautiful and rare!

Still unrestored

Item no.: 8035

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1 Pair of Armchairs mahogany

1 Pair of Armchairs, mahogany, solid mahogany and veneered, France around 1820/30, very comfortable, very comfortable.

Restored, newly upholstered, shellac hand polished.

Height: 92 cm - Seat height: 44 cm
Width: 59 cm
Depth: 54 cm

Item no.: 8030

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1 Pair of Karl Friedrich Schinkel Chairs 1815/20

Very beautiful and rare pair of Schinkel Chairs, solid oak veneer. Good seating comfort.
Still unrestored!

Height: 89 cm
Width: 50 cm
Depth: 58 cm
Seat height: 47 cm

Item no.: 8033

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3 identical Biedermeier Chairs from around 1820

Solid cherry wood, southern Germany around 1820, newly upholstered, restored and hand-polished with shellac.

Height: 90 cm Seat height: 48
Width: 46 cm
Depth: 47 cm

Item no.: 8031

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Biedermeier cherry wood gondola chair

Biedermeier gondola chair around 1830

Biedermeier gondola chair, South Germany, cherry veneered and solid, comfortable seating.

Item no.: 8027

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1 Pair of Louis Seize Armchairs from around 1780



Solid beech stained on cherry wood. Very comfortable seating.

The armchairs originally came from a castle in Lower Saxony.

Item no.: 8027

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Set of 6 Baroque Chairs

Rare set of Baroque Chairs from around 1750, solid walnut, fine elegant design, probably from Lucca, Italy around 1750.

Lucca Tuscany was traditionally one of the most important centers of craftsmanship in Italy.

Total height: 110 cm, seat height 48 cm
Width: 42 cm
Depth: 44 cm

Item no.: 8025

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Louis Seize Chairs


Louis Seize Chairs, solid walnut, South Germany, around 1780, stylistic vase in the backrest, very beautifully crafted.
Still unrestored!

Item no.: 8024
Dimensions and price on request

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Biedermeier Swan Bed


Very rare Pair of Biedermeier Beds, with swan motif, walnut veneered and solid, probably Mainz around 1815/20, very good stable condition.
The beds can also be placed separately.

A real eye-catcher!

Height: 100 cm (seat height: 50 cm)
Width: 185 cm
Depth: 230 cm

Item no.: 4001

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Biedermeier Chairs from around 1820 (from former castle estate!)

Birch veneer. On slightly flared square legs, backrests with shoulder section, inlaid rosette decoration, loose seat cushions
Still unrestored

Labels "Herrschaft Carlsruhe O/S".
Provenance: formerly owned by the Duke of Württemberg/Carlsruhe Castle, Silesia

Height: 87 cm
Width: 48 cm
Depth: 43 cm
Item no.: 8023

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Set of 8 Shovel Chairs from around 1820


Walnut veneered and solid, restored and hand polished with shellac

A particularly beautiful and ergonomically
finely crafted set of 8 shovel chairs, probably from former castle property in Bavaria.

Very rare!

Height: 90 cm. Seat height: 47 cm
Width: 45 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Item no.: 8022

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Set of 6 Louis Seize Chairs


Solid walnut, Southern Germany around 1780/90

Height: 86 cm
Width: 46 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Item no.: 8021

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1 Pair of Empire Armchairs


Empire Armchairs, solid cherry wood, with caryatids, very finely and lightly worked, Switzerland around 1810/15
Still unrestored.

Item no.: 5059





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Hoffmann Chairs around 1800


Hoffmann Chairs (set of 3 chairs) around 1800 - slightly curved beechwood frames with cradle-shaped seats, decorative rung decoration on the backrests and embossed brass plaques (probably F. G. Hoffmann, Leipzig)

From the estate of Prince Philipp zu Hohenlohe - Schillingsfürst

Still unrestored!

Dimensions and price: on request

Item no.: 8020

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Empire Settee France around 1810/20

Indian Style by P.A.BELLANGE (1758-Paris-1827)

Comprising 1 Canapé and 1 Pair of Arm Chairs. Mahogany, finely carved with dolphin heads and decorative frieze. Bordeaux red silk upholstery with Empire pattern.

Canapé 170/56/45/91.5 cm
Armchairs 57/48/45/89 cm

Item no.: 2508

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Biedermeier Settee

Biedermeier Settee, Germany around 1830, walnut burl burl
Consisting of Sofa AND 1 Pair of Bergeren.
In need of light restoration and should be reupholstered.

Item no.: 2507


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Very Nice Pair of Cherrywood Biedermeier Chairs


Cherry veneered, South Germany around 1820, old restored condition, good seating comfort.

Item no.: 8018

Dimensions and price: on request

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4 Identical Biedermeier chairs


This is one of 4 identical Biedermeier Chairs,
Switzerland around 1820, solid cherry wood, gothic backrest, very good, stable condition.
Still unrestored!

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Pair of Biedermeier Chairs



A Pair of Biedermeier Chairs, cherry veneered and solid
Still unrestored...!

Item no.: 8016

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Set of 4 walnut Biedermeier Chairs


Four identical Biedermeier Chairs, walnut veneered, Southern Germany, around 1835,
fine maple thread, restored, shellac hand-polished, newly upholstered and covered with high-quality horsehair fabric.

Height: 90 cm
Width: 45 cm
Depth: 41 cm
Seat height: 47 cm

Item no.: 8014

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Biedermeier Kirschbaum Stuhl


Biedermeier Kirschbaum Stuhl mit schönen Intarsien,

um 1820, restauriert u Schellack-handpoliert.

Art,Nr.: 8007

Maße u Preis auf Anfrage

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1 Pair of Biedermeier Chairs, solid cherry wood


1 Pair of Biedermeier Chairs, solid cherry wood,

South Germany 1825

Item no.: 8006

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Biedermeier Chair, solid walnut


Biedermeier Chair, solid walnut, Southern Germany around 1825/30,

restored and hand polished with shellac.

Item no.: 8005

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1 Pair of Biedermeier walnut Shovel Chairs


Walnut veneered and solid
still unrestored!

Restoration possible on request.

Item no.: 8013

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10 Art Deco Chairs


10 identical Art Deco Chairs ( no replica ! ),

preliminary cover: black nettle, very good seating comfort.

Dimensions and price: on request