Please note that the original color tones of the wood/furniture may vary due to different lighting conditions
when photographing and due to different monitor settings!


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Biedermeier Jardiniere around 1820


Biedermeier Jardiniere solid cherry wood and veneered, South Germany around 1820, exceptionally beautiful shape...!

Height: 74.5 cm
diameter 52 cm
item no.: 7021


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Jardiniere around 1900


Jardiniere around 1900

Solid cherry wood, beautifully carved, Switzerland around 1900

Height: 75 cm
width: 88 cm
item no.: 7020

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Rare Pair of Jadieniers circa 1815/20


England, solid mahogany, original copper inlays, beautiful condition
Still unrestored!

Height: 65 cm
Diameter: 34 cm
Item no.: 4007

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Pair of Gueridon, Tuscany, early 19th century


On a triangular stand with stepped feet and fluted sides, the gilded lion feet in carved wood with three diverging profiled legs entwined by a serpent whose head stands in the center of the furniture and is covered by the overhanging top plate with lion head decoration and ring handles. The top plate is set in the style of porphyry.

Height: 100 cm
Diameter: 40 cm
Tuscany, early 19th century

Item no.: 4006


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Console Table from the Empire period around 1800-1810



Console Table from the Empire period around 1800-1810 with a fully carved eagle supporting the white marble top.
A matching Original Mirror with Empire decoration and depiction of an eagle.
The eagle console and the mirror are originally gilded and very finely crafted, come from a Scandinavian castle estate and are in their original condition.

Height: 82 cm
Width: 82 cm
Depth: 44 cm

Height: 154 cm
Width: 60 cm

Item no.: 4005

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1 Pair of Biedermeier Bookshelves Vienna 1820


Rare Pair of Biedermeier Bookshelves, around 1820, walnut veneered, corpus bordered by ebonized flat pilasters, strikingly beautiful and very rare!

Still unrestored!

Height: 201 cm
Width: 112 cm
Depth: 43 cm
Item no.: 3059

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Rare Children's Top Furniture

Rare Children's Top Furniture  

Rare Children's Top Furniture, Cherry veneered, Napoleon lll, France around 1860

Height: 100 cm
Width: 38 cm
Depth: 33 cm

Item no.: 4004

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Biedermeier Etagère Danhauser


Biedermeier Etagère Danhauser

Etagère, c. 1810, Vienna, ebonized pear, ink paintings, carved and gilded female heads, capitals and bases. Double curved struts in the upper section, four columns in the middle section, curved square legs, gilded lion's paw feet

Height: 137 cm
Width: 75 cm
Depth: 47 cm

(Literature from: "Furniture of Classicism, Louis XVI and Empire", antiques catalog, Wolfgang L. Eller, page 261 fig. 469)

Item no.: 5061

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Very Decorative Mirror


Very Decorative Mirror, Gilt Leaf, circa 1825/30

Height: 143.7 cm
Width: 95 cm

Item no.: 4003

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Biedermeier Walnut Ensemble


Biedermeier Ensemble, walnut veneered, with fine black solder painting, South German (probably Munich) around 1825/30

Restored and shellac hand polished!

Dimensions chest of drawers:
Height: 68,8 cm
Width: 113 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Dimensions mirror:
Height: 145 cm
Width: 77 cm

Item no.: 4002

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Biedermeier Swan Bed


Very rare pair of Biedermeier Beds, with Swan Motif, Walnut veneered and solid, probably Mainz around 1815/20, very good stable condition.
The beds can also be placed separately.

A real eye-catcher!

Height: 100 cm (seat height: 50 cm)
Width: 185 cm
Depth: 230 cm

Art.-Nr.: 4001

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Biedermeier Mirror Console Cherry

Southern Germany around 1820, cherry veneered, 1 door ebonized full columns and base, brass appliqués, a fine and harmonious piece of furniture, ideal for the hallway!


Height: 92 cm
Width: 76 cm
Depth: 42.5 cm

Height: 138 cm
Width: 70 cm
Depth: 10 cm

Item no.: 2448

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Armchairs and Chairs in Biedermeier style (replica)

A Pair of Armchairs, matching 5 identical chairs, light mahogany, very good seating comfort. In Biedermeier style! For sale on behalf of a customer.


Item no.: 2504


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Cot / Cradle


Cot/Cradle, around 1850 in solid softwood,

swivel, restored,

very fine and smooth surface.

Item no.: 2448

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Original Historical Tiled Stove from Sweden


Original Tiled Stove with slight authentic traces of use

Art Nouveau (ca. 1910)

Manufacturer: Blommor from Sweden

Corner installation (5/8 stove), also available as 6/8, 7/8 or 8/8 variant.

Height: approx. 230 cm

Diameter: approx. 65 - 70 cm

Weight: 900 - 1100 kg

Heat output: approx. 2.5 KW

The basic stove is certified environmentally friendly and provides heat that inspires! It is characterized by so-called "radiant heat" - in other words, it heats the walls, ceilings, floors and objects in a home over a long period of time. No dust is stirred up (allergy-friendly). The home does not overheat. A basic stove impresses with its high efficiency and economy. As a year-round, decorative eye-catcher, it fits in with any style of furnishing.

(Art. no.: 10001)

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Beautiful and Large Mirror


Very beautiful and Large Mirror, France around 1820, still unrestored

Dimensions: Height: 180 cm Width: 62 cm

(item no.: 10003)